Ayumi Hamasaki Remix Single

Ayumi Hamasaki

Label: Nippon Columbia (1995)
avextrax (1998~today)
Carrer: 1995~today (solo)
Status: Active


HANABI (Lange Remix) (12", Promo)
Release: 2002.09

01. Hanabi (Lange Remix - Extended Mix) 8:12
02. Hanabi (Lange Remix - Extended Instrumental Mix) 8:12


excerpts from ayu-mi-x III CD006
Release: 2001.12.26

01.    SEASONS "Hex Hector radio mix"
  02.  SEASONS "Hex Hector main vox"
03.    SEASONS "Hex Hector main dub"
04.    SEASONS "Jonathan Peters trance radio mix"
  05.  SEASONS "Jonathan Peters trance club mix"
06.    SEASONS "Jonathan Peters trance dub mix"


excerpts from ayu-mi-x III CD005
Release: 2001.12.26

01.    AUDIENCE "Victor Calderone radio mix"
02.    AUDIENCE "Victor Calderone extended mix"
03.    AUDIENCE "Victor Calderone dub mix"
   04. AUDIENCE "Keith Litman extended mix"
05.    AUDIENCE "Jonathan Peters dub"
06.    AUDIENCE "Jonathan Peters radio mix"


excerpts from ayu-mi-x III CD004
Release: 2001.12.26

01.    SURREAL "Thunderpuss radio mix"
02.    SURREAL "Thunderpuss extended mix"
03.    SURREAL "Thunderpuss dub mix"
   04. SURREAL "Club 69 extended mix"
  05.  SURREAL "Club 69 radio mix"


excerpts from ayu-mi-x III CD003
Release: 2001.12.13

01.    Key "Mad Professor 1 remix"
02.    Key "Mad Professor 2 remix"
03.    girlish "Scanty Sandwich club mix"
  04.  girlish "Scanty Sandwich dub mix"
05.    girlish "Scanty Sandwich radio mix"


excerpts from ayu-mi-x III CD002
Release: 2001.09.26

01.    teddy bear "Hybrid Remix"
  02.  teddy bear "Hybrid Remix"
03.    girlish "7'vocal"
  04.  girlish "12'dub"


Excerpts from ayu-mi-x III: 001
Release: 2001.09.26

01.    Far away "RANK 1 remix"
02.    Far away "Main radio Mix"
03.    vogue "Computerhell Vocal Mix"


ayumi hamasaki the other side FOUR ~previously unreleased version~ System F & Vincent De Moor
Release: 2001.01.31

01.    WHATEVER (Vocal extended mix)
02.    WHATEVER (Dub mix)
03.    WHATEVER (Non-vox extended Mix)
04.    Fly high (Vincent De Moor Remix)
05.    Fly high (Instrumental)


ayumi hamasaki the other side THREE ~previously unreleased version~ Thunderpuss & Soul Solution
Release: 2001.01.31

01.    Trauma (Thunderpuss Club Mix)
02.    Trauma (Thunderdub)
03.    Trauma (Thunderpuss Club Instrumental)
04.    too late (Extended Vox)
05.    too late (Soul Solution Dub)


ayumi hamasaki the other side Two ~previously unreleased version~ Junior Vasquez
Release: 2001.01.31

01.    appears "Junior's Club Mix"
    02. appears "Junior's Instrumental"
03.    appears "Junior Appears On The Air"
04.    Boys & Girls "Junior Vasquez Club Mix"
   05. Boys & Girls "Junior Vasquez Club Dub"
06.    Boys & Girls "Junior Vasquez Instrumental"


ayumi hamasaki the other side ONE ~previously unreleased version~ Hex Hector
Release: 2000.11.15

01.    kanariya "Main Club mix"
02.    kanariya "The Dub version"
03.    kanariya "instrumental"
04.    Boys & Girls "Main Club mix"
05.    Boys & Girls "The Dub version"
06.    Boys & Girls "instrumental"

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